Operation Tables

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Operation Table for General Surgery, Mechanical with Hydraulic Height Adjustment

Length of Table 1900 mm
Width of Table Top 520 mm
Minimum Height (without Mattress) Min. 750 mm
Maximum Height (without Mattress) Max. 1000 mm
Trendelenburg 25°
Reverse Trendelenburg 25°
Lateral Tilt ±20°
Back Section ±70°
Head Section Manual - Knob Controlled
Leg Section Manual - Knob Controlled
Floor Locking System Manual
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ASCO Operation table is ergonomically designed to support the patient during various surgical procedures and interventions like general surgery, vascular surgery, endoscopy, neurosurgery, gynecology, urology. ASCO OT table is as per international standards. General OT table comes in two version –Mechanical with Hydraulic Height Adjustment (Model – Star3184) and Semi-Electric Mechanical with Electric Height Adjustable (Model – Star3184EL). Supplied with standard accessories and mattress.

  • Five sections table top.
  • Detachable- head, leg & Pelvic section.
  • In built kidney bridge.
  • Made up of high quality stainless & acid-proof steel.
  • All major positions of the table are simply effected by hand lever.
  • Height Adjustable by foot operated hydraulic pump (Model Star3184) .
  • Height adjustable electrically by hand held remote control. (Model
  • User friendly operations.
  • Adaptive and versatile design make it suitable for various surgeries.
  • Provide high patient safety and comfort.
  • Easy to clean and sterilize.
  • Low maintenance
  • Optimal performance.
Model Star3184 Star3184EL
Height Adjustment (Up/Down) Hydraulic – Mechanical Foot Pedal Operated Electric - Remote Control Operated
Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg Manual - Hand Lever Manual - Hand Lever
Side/Lateral Tilt Manual - Hand Lever Manual - Hand Lever
Back Rest Manual - Hand Lever Manual - Hand Lever
Kidney Section Manual - Hand Lever Manual - Hand Lever
  • StarA1- Shoulder Support (1 Pair)
  • StarA2- Lateral Support (1 Pair)
  • StarA3- Leg Support (1 Pair)
  • StarA4- Arm Rest (1 Pair)
  • StarA5- Anesthetic Screen (1 Piece)
  • StarA7- Mattress (1 Set)